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CPAP Supplies

Recommended CPAP Supply
Replacement Schedule

Nasal or Full Face Mask 6 Months
Pillow or Nasal Cushion 2 per Month
Full Face Cushions 1 Month
Disposable Filters 2 Pack per Month
Non-Disposable Filters 6 Months
Tubing 3 Months
Chin Strap 6 Months
Humidifier Chamber 6 Months

Welcome to our CPAP Supplies Page

To place an order for CPAP supplies, log onto your Patient Account to submit your request. If you are not a patient, please call our office at 425-278-2250 to set up an account. Sleep Medicine Solutions NW will gladly bill most insurance providers for your supplies if we have a recent sleep study and current prescription on file.

If you would like a product not on our list, feel free to contact us to place a special order.

Patient Care Plan

If you have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and your provider has recommended Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy to treat this condition. Below you will find a timeline that will guide you through the process and inform you of what to expect during your therapy period. This process and timeline are based in part on the rules established by your medical insurance provider. Many insurance companies require individuals to demonstrate compliance, which is a minimum of 4 hours of PAP use on 21 days in a 30-day period within the trial period of 90 days.  In an effort to help you be as successful with this treatment as possible, we have developed the following care plan to assist you in coordinating your care with Sleep Medicine Solutions NW (SMSNW).

    1. Set-up: You will be instructed in the use of your CPAP device, heated humidifier and associated equipment.  You will be fitted with a mask and instructed on the use and care of the equipment. The mask, hose, and filters are yours to keep and cannot be returned.

    You or your insurance carrier will be billed monthly rental fee for both the PAP device and humidifier for a period of time dictated by your insurance, this may be up to one year.

    All CPAP equipment, along with a separate office visit, will be billed to the insurance plan you provided to SMSNW and may be subject to copays, deductibles, and co-insurance.

    1. 7-10 day treatment check: You will receive a call from our DME technician who will check on your progress with using CPAP device. The purpose of this call is to help you with any problems you are experiencing and answer questions to keep you on track for success.  You may be advised to come in for a mask re-fitting or pressure adjustment.

    Depending on the complexity of a problem, you may be billed for visits over 15 minutes.

    1. Provider follow-up: Your insurance plan requires you to follow-up with your treating provider any time during a one-to-three month period of trial on CPAP. It is at this time you and your provider will decide if the PAP therapy is treating your condition and the therapy is the right choice for you.

    If you have met the insurance requirements known as compliance you may continue to rent the device and humidifier until such time your insurance has paid for the device in full. This period of time is dictated by your insurance and may be up to one year.

    If you have not met the usage levels required by your insurance, you will be assessed a monthly rental fee to continue to use the device or be given the option to return the rental machine.

    All rental payments will be applied to the full purchase price of the PAP machine and Humidifier.

    1. Additional follow up appointments: Future visits will allow your provider to assess if the therapy is still working for your condition. If everything is going well, your next CPAP visit with the provider will be annually to renew the prescriptions for CPAP supplies. However, you may have additional appointments with the DME Technician for supply replenishment throughout the year.