Creekside Sleep Medicine Center

Good sleep sounds like something that should just happen, but for millions of adults, a night of refreshing sleep seems like a dream.

At  Creekside Sleep Medicine Center, we evaluate and treat the full spectrum of sleep disorders. Our goal is to listen first, investigate when necessary, and present options for treating your sleep problem. We work with other community experts to coordinate your care and make sure that you have all the information you need to actively participate in your treatment. We believe that personalized sleep care results in the best outcome for the patient with a sleep disorder. You can look forward to restful nights, more productive days, and better health.

Dear Patients,

We wanted to reach out to you during this unusual time. Governor Inslee announced on Monday an order to “Stay at Home, Stay Healthy”. This decision was done to augment social distancing to help stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. This order closed all business starting Wednesday 3/25/2020 that was not deemed to be essential to keep open. I want to reassure you that the Governor has included medical offices, including Creekside Sleep Medicine Center, as essential businesses.

As such, Creekside Sleep Medicine Center will remain OPEN so that we can support you, our patients

In keeping with the recommendations of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), we are offering telemedicine visits for both new patients and established patients, reserving in-office visits for patients who need to be seen with some urgency and who are unable to use telemed, by physician approval. If your situation is stable and/or treatment is going well, you may also choose to delay your visit by a few months by which time we hope to resume regular office appointments.

Sleep testing will be conducted as needed, but many will be delayed until the overall risk to patients and staff improves. We will be monitoring the recommendation of the AASM for guidance.

CPAP services will continue to be avilable, mostly via telephone. We can arrange to mail you equipment.

“Stay home, stay healthy”, and reach out to us for help with your sleep problems.

For the most updated information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s Share the Facts, Stop the Fear page.

– Teresa E Jacobs MD

                   Medical Director