Creekside Sleep Medicine Center

Good sleep sounds like something that should just happen, but for millions of adults, a night of refreshing sleep seems like a dream.

At  Creekside Sleep Medicine Center, we evaluate and treat the full spectrum of sleep disorders. Our goal is to listen first, investigate when necessary, and present options for treating your sleep problem. We work with other community experts to coordinate your care and make sure that you have all the information you need to actively participate in your treatment. We believe that personalized sleep care results in the best outcome for the patient with a sleep disorder. You can look forward to restful nights, more productive days, and better health.

To our Patients,

We hope that you are staying healthy during this beautiful Pacific Northwest summer.

Creekside Sleep Medicine Center remains open to help you with your sleep issues.

Your health and safety come first. We continue to follow the recommended guidelines for keeping our facility disinfected. Our staff is screened with daily temperature checks, work in separate stations, and wear medical grade masks.

We have expanded our in-clinic services to better serve you. New patients are scheduled at intervals to minimize overlap within the office. Established patients are encouraged to use telemedicine but maybe scheduled on site under certain circumstances. We are also scheduling appointments for CPAP set-ups and mask refitting.

Regarding sleep testing, we are mailing devices for home sleep apnea tests which can also be mailed back. Sleep testing in the laboratory is available and scheduled as needed with our night technicians following all recommended safe practices.

Please do not come to the Sleep Center without an appointment. This is for everyone’s health and safety. We may be able to accommodate an in-person visit on the same if you call in advance.

For the most updated information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s Share the Facts, Stop the Fear page.

– Teresa E Jacobs MD

                   Medical Director