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Good sleep sounds like something that should just happen, but for millions of adults,

a night of refreshing sleep seems like a dream.

At  Creekside Sleep Medicine Center, we evaluate and treat the full spectrum of sleep disorders. Our goal is to listen first, investigate when necessary, and present options for treating your sleep problem. We work with other community experts to coordinate your care and make sure that you have all the information you need to actively participate in your treatment. We believe that personalized sleep care results in the best outcome for the patient with a sleep disorder. You can look forward to restful nights, more productive days, and better health.

Regarding the Philips Dreamstation recall:

Philips has issued a voluntary recall on many of its PAP devices (Dreamstations, System 60, and M-series) due to potential health risks related to degradation of the sound abatement foam. They have received a low complaint rate (0.03% in 2020) of symptoms possibly related inhalation of particles or chemicals: these include headache, upper airway irritation, cough, chest pressure and sinus infection. They believe that high heat and humidity as well as the use of ozone cleaners exacerbate the problem. If you are using an ozone cleaner, you should discontinue this immediately.

While we wait for additional instructions, it is important that you consider your health and clinical situation before discontinuing therapy as they recommend. If you have daytime symptoms that would be problematic (sleepiness, mood swings, cognitive dysfunction) or cardiovascular conditions that could be worsened by stopping PAP therapy (high blood pressure, coronary disease, irregular heart rhythms), we do NOT recommend discontinuing therapy. If you have an alternative therapy, like an oral appliance, you may want to switch to that therapy for the time being.

Philips has provided a tollfree phone number, 877-907-7508, for more information. They have not disclosed a timeline to repair and replace recalled devices. However, because the recall involves millions of PAP devices, it may take some time before this process is complete.

You should register your device at You will need the serial number of the device to see first if it is affected by the recall, and will be guided through the registration process.

When we know more, we will reach out to provide you the information. Since your situation is unique to you, if you have additional questions, please schedule an appointment to discuss your therapy.

– Teresa E Jacobs MD

                   Medical Director