CPAP Supplies

Recommended CPAP Supply
Replacement Schedule

Nasal or Full Face Mask 6 Months
Pillow or Nasal Cushion 2 per Month
Full Face Cushions 1 Month
Disposable Filters 2 Pack per Month
Non-Disposable Filters 6 Months
Tubing 3 Months
Chin Strap 6 Months
Humidifier Chamber 6 Months

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To place an order for CPAP supplies, log onto your Patient Account to submit your request. If you are not a patient, please call our office at 425-278-2250 to set up an account. Sleep Medicine Solutions NW will gladly bill most insurance providers for your supplies if we have a recent sleep study and current prescription on file.

If you would like a product not on our list, feel free to contact us to place a special order.

CPAP Pillows

CPAP MAX Pillow 2.0
Sleep Harmony Pillow

Travel CPAPs

AirMini CPAP
AirMini N20 Setup Pack (Tubing Adapter Only)
AirMini P20 Setup Pack (Tubing, Adaptive Mask with all Pillows)
AirMini F20 Setup Pack (Tubing Adapter Only)

CPAP Equipment Cleaners

SoClean Machine
SoClean Filter Kit
CPAP Mask Wipes (Canister)


Halo Chin Band
PureSom Standard Chin Strap
PureSom Extra Large Chin Strap

Heat Moisture Exchangers (HMEs)

HumidX Standard 3 Pack (Standard HME for AirMini)
HumidX Plus 3 Pack (Plus HME for AirMini)
HME Adapter