Experienced Provider

Sleep Medicine Solutions NW is dedicated to a comprehensive approach to your sleep complaints.

This begins with a thorough evaluation of your sleep issues by one of our Board Certified physicians. They take the time to teach patients about their condition and encourage them to participate in decisions about their care. An overnight sleep test may be suggested.

Our facility uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in a comfortable environment. We have a team of experienced professionals to help you through the process of testing and treatment.


Teresa Jacobs, MD

Dr. Teresa Jacobs uses her experiences in making an assessment of a patient’s situation.Board certified in Sleep Medicine, Dr Jacobs uses her experiences in primary care, pulmonary medicine, and the intensive care unit in making a thorough assessment of a patient’s situation. Dr Jacobs carefully listens to her patients and believes that closely working together with them achieves the best results. She provides clear information about treatment choice to guide in identifying the best option for their individual circumstance.  Dr Jacobs works closely to coordinate care with other providers. She is interested in all aspects of sleep health, focusing on adolescent and adult patients.