Recommended CPAP Supply
Replacement Schedule

Nasal or Full Face Mask 6 Months
Pillow or Nasal Cushion 2 per Month
Full Face Cushions 1 Month
Disposable Filters 2 Pack per Month
Non-Disposable Filters 6 Months
Tubing 3 Months
Chin Strap 6 Months
Humidifier Chamber 6 Months

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Fisher & Paykel | Phillips | Resmed

Fisher & Paykel

Product Quantity
Zest Petite Mask 2
Zest Plus Mask 3
Zest Q Petite Mask 4
Zest Q Plus Mask 5
Lady Zest Q Standard Mask 1
ESON Small Mask 2
ESON Large Mask 1


Product Quantity
ComfortFusion Small Mask 2
ComfortFusion Medium Mask 4


Product Quantity
Activa LT Large Mask 2
Activa LT Large Wide Mask 5
Active LT Small Mask 10
Swift LT Mask 1
Swift LT For Her Mask 1
Mirage Quattro FFM X-Small Mask 4
Mirage Quattro FFM Medium Mask 1
Mirage Quattro FFM Large Mask 11
Quattro FX Small Full Face Mask 4
Mirage FX For Her Small Mask 2
Mirage FX For Her Standard Mask 2
Quattro FX For Her Medium Full Face Mask 12
Quattro Air Small Mask 2
Quattro Air Medium Mask 2
Quattro Air Large Full Face Mask 4
Quattro Air Extra Small Full Face Mask 1
Quattro Air For Her Small Mask 4
Quattro Air For Her Medium Full Face Mask 5
AirFit F10 Small Mask 6
AirFit F10 Medium Mask 1
AirFit F10 Large Mask 2
AirFit F10 For Her Extra Small Mask 9
AirFit F10 For Her Small Mask 1
AirFit F10 For Her Medium Mask 4
AirFit N10 Standard Mask 7
AirFit N10 For Her Small Mask 3
AirFit N10 Wide Mask 3